About Thinkers

We are a business strategy and design agency that helps you reimagine and rethink your company. But you already knew that. We'd like to tell you a little more about who we are and where we come from.

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Our story

Our adventure started in 2011, but we have changed a lot during these 10 years. It all started with our desire to do things differently. In case you didn't know, at Thinkers Co. we are weird, and we are very proud of it! That desire and that quirkiness has brought us to where we are today. We started with projects for startups, then we published two reference books, then we established ourselves as a company and ..... along came a worldwide pandemic! But we stood firm and, not only did we survive, but we changed our mentality and grew. We now have new products, services and business segments. But one thing remains the same: deep down, we are still those explorers who want to do things differently. And at the heart of it all has always been Billy (scroll down and find out who he is).
The adventure begins

Thinkers Co. starts with two explorers and industrial product designers, Juan Gasca and Rafael Zaragozá, and with one purpose: use design to help people and companies transform themselves to solve complex challenges.

Editorial exploration

Juan Gasca and Rafael Zaragozá published two books with the aim of disseminating design thinking and reflecting their own work philosophy: “Designpedia” and “El Workbook de Designpedia”. They have become the innovation guides for many work teams.

Next stop: Thinkers Co.

Thinkers Co. consolidates as a company and that dream of two people is now shared with a team that makes possible its growth as a strategy and business design agency.

Transfer to Dothink Tool
A new adventure partner has arrived: Dothink Tool, a digital platform that provides the right environment to apply learning through guided and structured routes, learn new ways of working (agile methodologies) and work collaboratively.
Towards Dothink Lab
The culmination comes with the launch of an ecosystem of learning by challenges and collaborative project development, where you can get to know tools and skills, learn with courses and apply your knowledge with specialized tool kits and materials.
Meet Billy!
Billy is one of the Thinkers team
Billy is Thinkers' mascot and main ambassador. He represents the organisation by embodying its spirit and personality; and acts as an integrating element that brings unity.

He is a great supporter, because he builds brand recognition of our services and remains in the memory of our clients.

Billy is approachable, creative, committed, energetic and optimistic. But above all, Billy is unique. There are not two of him. ¡There is only one Billy!

I have a project for Thinkers

Tell us your idea, your challenge or what you want to improve. We are happy to have a coffee and listen to you. We'll make it happen together!