Tips of a good facilitator

The necessary tips to enhance work sessions. I want you to think about the last work session you had with your team.How did it go? Did you reach the goal? Did people pay attention? Did you feel they could have contributed more? Couldn't you think of anything to solve the problem?....I'm sure more things came up that could be improved. What can we do to improve these working sessions and make them more operative?…

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Lean Startup, How to visualize business opportunities?

How to find the right path to develop a business. Throughout the ages, the vast majority of businesses and companies have focused on producing based on market needs. Entrepreneurs have focused not only on detecting all those gaps, but also on building the products that satisfy them. In those markets where you know how the customer behaves and what the competition is doing, it works. Nevertheless, the high marketing expenditure required to introduce and…

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Beyond Design Thinking

Speculative Design and other design disciplines to generate disruptive ideas. What is the role of design nowadays?Design is invisible because it has always been there.Design from its conception as a discipline has consisted of mediating between the needs and motivations of people to make tangible all those ideas that ranged from a product, a service, a business or even something as ephemeral as an experience.The problem with design is that it is so embedded…

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