What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

How to face the construction of your first Minimum Viable Product Eric Ries, the author of the book "The Lean Startup", defined the minimum viable product concept as:A version of a new product that allows a team to gather the maximum amount of validated knowledge about customers with the least effort.A minimum viable product is the first version of our product with enough functionalities for customers to interact with the product and collect validated…

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10 principles for prototyping

The bases to build a prototype without falling into the usual mistakes A prototype is the transformation of the solution idea into a tangible artefact, which allows us to test and talk with our users, in search of feedback to improve our proposal.When we are facing prototyping for the first time, the aim is to build something that allows us to learn, but without falling into the construction of a crappy version of our…

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Prototype Typologies

The art of making our ideas tangible building prototypes Prototypes are an important part of the process of design in almost all Innovation disciplines. Industrial designers, architects, engineers or service designers, they all build prototypes in order to get feedback from users about their designs and solutions before getting into a greater investment of the project or further development of the solution.The aim of building those prototypes in the design process is to transform…

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