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Me Voy a Operar Seguro (I'm having surgery safely)

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For some time, the implementation of the Design Thinking methodology based on people of the health industry is a reality. An example is SENSAR, the national professional network of anesthesiologists devoted to patient safety and whose pilot project “Me Voy a Operar Seguro(MVOS)” (I’m Having Surgery Safely) began the last June.

For 8 weeks, we built together with them a blended learning program in which we applied Design Thinking for the development of an innovation project oriented to create new solutions in relation to patient safety in the field of anesthesia, the critical patient, and the pain treatment. In other words, the main objective of this project was defining and materializing ideas aimed at improving patient safety by applying the methodology collected in our Designpedia manual.

In the initial stage, the scope of the project was defined and, after a brief theoretical introduction in the Design Thinking methodology, the challenges to work on during the following weeks were activated: some focused on the patient and others on professionals with related concerns to patient safety.

Once we established the initial work hypotheses, the Design Research phase was started (Qualitative User Research) with the aim at knowing in depth the needs, problems, motivations, and desires of our users, applying tools such as Qualitative Interview, Expert Interview, and Field Visit. After this phase was completed, we planned a face-to-face session with the participants to advance in the innovation process. We focus on the research synthesis, insights generation, definition of design challenge based on them, and, finally, the conceptualization of the first ideas and low-level prototyping to go out and show to the corresponding users and to co-create with them the solution.

In the last phase of the program, each team deepened on their ideas and challenges resulting from the face-to-face session, focusing efforts on the construction and testing of a solution (prototype) that solved the problem detected in the research stage. The program ended with each group presenting the proposed solutions to possible sponsors that could finance all or part of these projects. Thanks to this program funds were obtained to develop the application “Me voy a Operar Seguro” (I’m Having Surgery Safely). Helped by Thinkers Co, the team mapped the entire process, since surgery was prescribed until it had occurred. Once the opportunities were found, and after a follow-up, a multichannel tool was developed to offer patients the information and main recommendations to safely face surgery.

Remember: always design with the user and not for the user.

Summarizing, the benefits obtained from applying Design Thinking methodology was the following:

  • Build a product or service from the user’s study which enabled to meet their motivations and pains.
  • Test the prototype with the users and co-create the solution, iterating to ensure the product really solves their problem.

Published at 27/02/2018

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