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Customer Experience for ALSA

BlogGamification of the Alsa Customer Experience. Creation of the Customer Experience within the international movility field through Comandos ALSA.
The following example is related to the company Alsa, a transport company that has a fleet composed of 2,850 buses which transport more than 300 million passengers per year, who are served by a competent team of more than 8,000 professionals.

The company was already sensitive to the Customer Experience (CX) but they wanted to take the first line to the next level. Their objective was to detect problems in the travel experience and find solutions applying the Design Thinking methodology.

Therefore, our challenge was: how could we gamify the CX so that it goes from the theoretical framework to the action?

For this, we designed a gamified manual. Its objective was to empathize with the user to define solutions, but under a clear premise: activating this game in the real context of our customers (at the station, at the ticket office, on the bus …) We wanted to flee from sessions where the participants lock themselves in a room or in a classroom and mysteriously appear solutions. they had to detect real problems, generate solutions through the ideation process, and prototype the ideas, so then we can quickly test with customers in the real scenario.

Before conceptualizing this game to activate challenges and improve the worker’s experience, we made a key session, a Kickoff. This meeting was not only useful to get the details of the project requirement but we also “to lay the basis and the purpose of this initiative”. This way we were able to understand the reasons and the limitations of the project and begin to develop solutions that make sense to implement. Some of the tools we used in this session to understand what they wanted and needed from this project were In / Out and 5 Whys.

The problem is that you can say what you like on paper. Therefore, the objective for the workers was to really test their ideas and quickly understand if they were adding value or not.

Published at 06/03/2018

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