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The new economies with their incipient and increasingly fast changes are affecting the way we conceive new products.

The dualism of “the form follows the function, or the function follows the form” is left behind; that is far and almost obsolete. In the 21st century, the concept is different and in the new business we defended that “the product no longer follows the function, nor the form, but the meaning”.

What does this statement mean?

With the new production systems, the product itself, materially is no longer a limit and less, a differential. The new production systems and the maker phenomenon have made this (r) evolution possible.

The term “Servification” is strengthened because the service is the one that prevails and makes the difference among products. The service has always been linked to the product, it is nothing new, but it was always relegated in the creation after the product (¿and now what?). So first, it is created the product and then the service.

This dualism (first product and then service) is very short-term since it generates objects that are quickly obsolete. In a matter of a short time, they are outdated since they can not adapt to the new changes.

History gives us a chance to serve, that is possible thanks to the huge amount of data offered by the internet. The new paradigm demands that we think first on the service and, subsequently, on the product, while creating new concepts. Something like what will be the avatar-object that will give life to this concept.

For example, Visualfy, a supporting product for people who can not hear. It consists of an algorithm that translates sounds into colors.

History gives us a chance to serve, that is possible thanks to the huge amount of data offered by the internet.

New businesses know it, it is better to be liquid than solid, this gives you greater adaptability to user changes. That is to say, the binomial Service + Product is almost essential in this new economy, but the “how” (service) is almost more important than the “what” (product).

And here we enter into a more appropriate concept for this binomial, the “autopoiesis”.

Summarizing what this is, we could say that when a system is “autopoiesque” is because it has a stable structure but quickly adaptable. This means that it is in open contact with the outside for quick interactions but closed enough to have a stable structure… like a cell.

For this reason, the true innovation must be based on this new way of thinking to be continuous, because this moment right now demands it We are no longer immutable users, our thoughts and rituals have shorter cycles every time, and the new concepts demand adaptability .

When we are designing a good service at Thinkers Co.,we first made a holistic vision to empathize with our users and understand their reality with the Customer Journey Map tool. Then, we and the technology team, develop the concept with the Service BluePrint tool jointly.

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Published at 17/04/2018

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