The power of the metaphor

Generation of new businesses

BlogThe power of the metaphor. Generation of new businesses.
When something is very new to us, our brain quickly searches for something we have previously experienced to understand it, which is why metaphors are one of the most recurrent resources in creative thinking.

Metaphors are the way people have to move in the ideas world. They mainly help us to:

  • Reduce complexity to simple and understandable elements.
  • Perceive elements in different ways.
  • Relate reality with analogies to find unexplored paths.

We are not explaining the taxonomy of metaphors cause there is already a lot of information about it, but we would like to make a brief reflection…

How to know when we have created an idea that transcends time and will remain in the memory of people?

Very easy! You will know that your idea or concept is a masterpiece when it has become a metaphor that helps people understand reality, and not only that but also help those people to create new things by taking your idea as a reference.

In a mentoring session or workshop, you have probably heard something like: ‘man, what you want is to create the climbers Facebook’ or ‘What you’re telling me is a lot like an Uber of pet sitters’*.

Do you understand now?

These metaphors are so powerful that not only help us to explain but also to generate new paths and connect impossible things.

Digressing, there is a very useful tool: Analogs-Antilogs. It uses the power of metaphor to explain and clarify what would you like to be and not.

For this reason, we ask people to rely on metaphors as catalytic of ideation in creativity sessions, cause they are powerful enough at the conceptual level and open enough so when you show your idea-metaphor to another person, he understands and knows how to explain that. When this happens, what your listener is doing is explaining to you what he really would like it to be. That is a magical moment because if many people agree on the description, you have something of value to land to earth, and the opportunity to turn it into something tangible. Tangible and great.

Well, what is for you the Airbnb of the croquettes?

*From Thinkers Co. we propose other ‘superb’ examples:

‘The LinkedIn of the sea’, ‘The BlaBlaCar of the tractors’, ‘The Airbnb of the campsites’, ‘The Facebook of the antisocial’, ‘The Groupon of the stamps’, ‘The Spotify of the books’, ‘The TripAdvisor of the slippers’, ‘The Google Maps of the disappointments’,’ The Paypal of the anarchists’, ‘The Fablab of the fruits’, ‘The Instagram of the doctors‘. What comes to your mind? Try it!

Published at 03/05/2018

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