What is VOC?

And why it is obtaining more and more importance

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Nowadays, we are in a fast-evolving market, in which new technologies are changing the interaction of the consumer with the brands, returning the customer to the main axis of any company decision.

This has been forming an increasingly demanding consumer regarding their relationship with brands. Therefore, they seek to have greater communication with them and to be able to share their opinions through their different media, such as social networks. This is how the two-way dialogue between the brand and its customers becomes an indispensable factor for companies.

Also, we are in a market saturated with information and stimuli, which makes it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of our audience. This translates into an even greater challenge for the company. What should we do to capture them and how to achieve a permanent connection?

Under this context, many brands have seen the need to develop an experience focused on the customer and related to a product, to generate a closer relationship with them. This means that companies decide to invest their resources in the creation of the Consumer Experience (CX).

experiencia del consumidor

But, managing a CX also involves contemplating customer listening mechanisms and constantly, to continue redesigning the experiences created for them and thus, generate more sales, gain loyalty and generate better business results.

This is how the concept of Voice of the Customer (VOC) arises. It is a program to collect and learn the information of each contact point of the client’s experience with the brand. This is how the company collects the perception, comments, preferences, behaviors and customer satisfaction, , analyzes the data and then take quick actions, according to the insights found.

As recommended by Steve Jobs:

Get closer to your customers than ever. So close that you can tell them what they need before they realize it themselves.

So, this program provides us to:

  • Know the current needs and requirements of customers.
  • Make improvements in products, services, and the CX.
  • Visualize the gap between customer expectations and your actual experience with the brand.
  • Detect alerts or possible crises.
  • Evaluate new concepts, ideas and / or solutions.
  • Gather other key aspects that help complement the profile of our persona.
  • Demonstrate the interest and commitment of the company to focus on the real needs of the client.
  • Increase customer retention ratio.

And how we do it? Using the information gathered together with the different research techniques, such as interviews with customers by email, call or face-to-face, surveys carried out at different times and channels of the experience, questions by chatbot, comments and interactions in social networks, analysis of customer behavior on the web page, focus group, among others.

If you need to implement Customer Voice in your company, we share with you some important tips:

    • Before you start, we advise you to have your Persona and Journey Map tool very clear among all the employees.
    • Omnichannel VOC programs to be able to capture complete information through the different channels used by customers.
    • Incorporate also the Voice of the Employee to be able to complement the information obtained from the client, since they are the ones who have direct contact with the clients and can help identify problems in the delivery of the experience.
    • Create a VOC planning in which the frequency of the data analysis, the quantity of the sample and the objective of each one is defined. All this evaluation, considering each channel that is part of the user experience.
    • To be able to take a metric to know the evolution of the results over time, we recommend defining the KPIs that will be measured consecutively. For example, the fulfillment of moments, general satisfaction, etc.
    • Involve the support of the different areas of the company to work aligned with the new actions that will be implemented to improve the experience.

If you have not yet designed the Customer Experience in your company, you are still on time! We share an
itinerary with tools to start creating experiences that make sense to your user and add value to your product or service.

Updated at 11/12/2020

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