Which value does Design Thinking add to your company?

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Thinkers Co Blog - Which value does Design Thinking add to your company?

In many innovation forums, in conversations with companies or meetings with clients, the famous phrase arises: do you work with Design Thinking?

Our first thought before answering is: “what will this person want this methodology for?”. This thought is not a derogatory way, but an empathic act to understand if we can really help you.

Design Thinking is a methodology based on the way designers deal with user problems, as the cornerstone to quickly validate the ideas that arise in the process.

Returning to the original question, we answer yes, but first we want to understand where we can add value, that is why we approach you with the following questions based on the project or the challenge you have in mind.


    • Do you know your user?

It is clear that you know your user, but what we want to know is what kind of data we have and understand how complex is the problem. If we do not have a lot of data and insights, it is good to throw ourselves into
ethnography techniques that help us deepen the user, detect opportunities and, in most cases, redefine the challenge.

    • Do you already have ideas?

When the company already has some ideas about their challenge in mind, the best thing is to launch
co-creations with the user and show ideas to collect early feedback. On that, weigh whether we are on the right track or if the ideas are not very accurate, in which case it is advisable to return to the research phase to deepen more in the user or better redefine the challenge.

    • Do you have information but no ideas? Are the ideas that come to your team minds always the same?

In this phase of creation, we have a focus and a prior investigation of the user. In this phase, although it seems simple, it is where most companies get involved because the problem they have is always tending to fall into the same ideas that their predecessors had. To break this, what we propose is to use ideation techniques that help us think ideas beyond what we already had.

Here it is important having ideas but even more landing them visually, that is to say, prototype them because otherwise, they will stay in a nice wall full of post-its. Our focus in the
phase of construction ideas, beyond generating solutions is to define something that we can teach our target customer to know the feedback.

    • Do you have a project in progress and want to refine the product?

You must show your concept without any hesitation and validate if it makes sense in what we are doing. The concept may be totally wrong, so we have to adjust the product functionalities that were not understood. Here the user experience is important to improve the usability of the product.

As a summary, if we had to say the uses or values of Design Thinking in Thinkers Co., we have to say these are:


    • Define your business strategy better

Design Thinking helps us to work collaboratively among different departments of the company. Therefore, when defining a strategy, we can count on the methodology because it helps us to focus on where we are and where we want to be.

    • Create agile high impact research

Many times the companies have huge information about the Users, but not operational information. The research proposed by us transforms the
insights into design challenges through Design Thinking.

    • Visualize ideas in early phases

For much research we have done with the user, we must show the ideas in a fast and agile way to them. In other words, the sooner we submit to stress our ideas, the sooner we will learn what works and what does not.

    • Think high impact ideas with our user

Generating different ideas is important, but even more, ensure that these ideas are useful for our client. Therefore, this methodology advocates working with the user and not for the user, that is, putting our client to work with us from minute zero.

    • Validate ideas with the minimum cost

When an idea is very grounded, Design Thinking will help us to refine the concept and improve the user experience.

At Thinkers Co, we use this methodology in an infinite number of projects because in innovation we work on challenges where uncertainty is greatest, so the most logical thing is to work hand in hand with your user. You can see our services and how we apply this methodology.

Published at 24/07/2018

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