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Design Thinking is a methodology to solve problems in an innovative, creative and practical way focusing on users real needs. The process involves several stages and, in each one, uses different strategies and design tools.

Thinkers Co. has created their own work approach based on this and other methodologies, our experience and results and now we are sharing it digitally thanks to our Community.

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Our methodology is built according to the double diamond model, formed by four development stages. Through simple tools, we can generate innovation snappily and systematically. In other words, identifying the value to bring to our clients or users with resources controlled.

Designpedia is a creativity and innovation manual that collects 80 tools based on design principles for problem-solving. A knowledge that Thinkers Co. democratizes for their clients. It is built according to the double diamond model, formed by four development stages: map, explore, build and test.

Benefits of applying Design Thinking

  • Learn to work with your user, not for him.
  • Identify and solve problems working with your team collaboratively.
  • Bring added value to your products and services.
  • Optimize resources learning how to test your ideas.

Cause of following an iterative framework, our results push us forward and backward in the process, bringing us closer to unexplored, undiscovered or not previously raised solutions. We innovate.

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