UX redesign of the web environment of a public company

Design Thinking para mejorar la usabilidad

Have you ever entered a public organization’s website and not known how to access the content you are interested in? The complexity of the content of the websites of public organizations often makes it difficult to understand and navigate them. We have carried out a project to improve the usability of the web environment of a public company in charge of promoting economic development in an area of the national territory.


A public company has been growing for a long time in an organic and unorganized way, which is affecting them strategically and, at the same time, is being reflected in their website.


Redesign their website based on the generation of ordered scalable structures. How could we align the team so they can communicate better?


Rebuild the way the organization is perceived, helping them to get a global and organized view of their purpose and main functions.


First stage

We divided this project into two main stages. During the first stage, we focused on the client’s home page and took the opportunity to align the team, put order and offer new solutions that would work transversally within the organization. For this first phase, we relied on the Design Thinking methodology, which is more suitable for the creation of user-centered ideas. Once the foundations of the project were established, we were able to use our own agile design methodology to make rapid progress in the design of the satellite pages of the main website.

Digital workshop for mapping users: their needs and navigation flows.

During the process, we came across a website that displayed the inner workings of a company that was poorly organized and used to complex technical, legal and juridical language. Together with the client, we carried out different mapping sessions in which we defined and prioritized who their users were and what services or information are offered on the web to each of them. Once we were clear about the objectives of the project,we made proposals that we then contrasted with the team and its users, giving them the opportunity to contribute and co-create the final result. To finalize the design of the homepage, we built a navigable mockup that determines the look & feel and the navigation flow within the website.

We were able to move from a complex and difficult to understand information architecture to a more organized one. The grouping of terms allowed the web to appear simpler at first glance and, therefore, more understandable.

At the end of this phase, we delivered an outline of the web information architecture, a navigable mockup, a web style book and templates to add new content to the website while maintaining the homogeneity of the content and facilitating the client’s work.

Wireframes and guides for creating new web entries

Second stage

By establishing a solid design basis and an orderly information structure, we were able to develop the second stage of the project in a very agile way, carrying out the design of several satellite websites in less than 2 months. The speed in the design of the other sites has been thanks to the application of weekly design sprints. These sprints allow us to keep a weekly control of the project, offering flexibility and security. At the end of each week, we give tangible results to the client so that they can make confident decisions in short periods of time. Applying an agile methodology to a project with a solid design foundation allowed us to define the design of the satellite pages in a matter of weeks.

Each weekly sprint begins by setting objectives. During the week, the team self-organizes based on these. The sprint ends with a progress handover meeting and review of objectives which kicks off the next sprint.


At Thinkers Co., once we have clearly determined the current challenges and have understood the opportunities, we develop creative brainstorming and ideation sessions in teams to generate and build initial ideas.

With these initial ideas and rapid prototyping, it is important to begin to test the potential solution with stakeholders to see if it really meets their needs and adds value to their day-to-day lives. Based on their feedback, we evolve and adjust the ideas to achieve possible solutions to the challenge or opportunity and define the way forward.

If you want us to help you accelerate the transformation of your organization by performing specific tasks as one more in your team, imagining and rethinking the customer and employee experience, with the purpose of creating products and services oriented to maximize business objectives, we are happy to hear what you have in your hands.

Publicado el 17/06/2022

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