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Definition of creative dynamics based on the Design Thinking methodology.


How could we redefine creative work dynamics to reduce times from the generation of the idea to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? How could we define roadmaps that will help us to work jointly with different departments?


Orange dynamics are planned to help teams to create new products and services from the earliest stage, the idea, to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). To this effect and after understanding the current projects of the department in charge of this task, we defined a series of optimal tools and roadmaps (Fast forward, Design Sprint, Idea Lab) to assist them in undertaking their transformation. In turn, apart from the dynamics, we trained the team responsible and also accompanied them in real projects to gradually and systematically implement the Design Thinking methodology.


Dynamics that served for employees to know how to face complex challenges and great opportunities that are yet to come. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

UX redesign for Liberbank.


Liberbank | New business models

Creation of Customer Experience through workers for Alsa, by Thinkers Co.


ALSA | Love on every journey

Gamification of the Alsa Customer Experience, Creation of the Customer Experience within the field of international mobility through "Comandos ALSA".

Design Coaching

ALSA | Comandos ALSA

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