Design Studio For GeneticAI


Conceptualization and design of a digital app for people suffering dysphagia.


How could we help people with Parkinson affected by dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), through the design and conceptualization of an app? How could we motivate those patients to keep going through the process of rehabilitation?


The technological company GeneticAI, developed a medical instrument used to monitor, in a remote way, the rehabilitation efforts of a patient with dysphagia. After doing some ideation sessions and a fast prototype with the Geneticai team, we designed a fresh and intuitive app that would serve as a visual platform for this medical instrument. With the purpose of motivating the patient to improve and continue with the rehabilitation in a more independent way.


We analyzed and comprehended the needs of the patient to design a visual platform that motivates them through the process of improving and rehabilitation. Would you like to know more about Creation projects?

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